Geoduck Sashimi

We went to a famous Cantonese Seafood Restaurant located in the Vancouver suburb of Richmond where a fellow foodie friend of our’s, Kimmie, ordered Geoduck sashimi.  Pronouced ‘gooey duck’ which is derived from a Native American word meaning ‘dig deep’, this tasty mollusk is a very large and edible salt clam.  Scientifically named Panopea Generosa, this is the John Holmes of clams because of it’s disproportionately large trunk or siphon that protrudes quite shamelessly from it’s shell.

Eastern cultures believe eating Geoduck is an aphrodisiac because of its phallic shaped trunk.  If that wasn’t reason enough to order this delicacy, the Geoduck was simply delectable and one of the most memorable dishes I’ve had.

Our Geoduck was brought to our table side alive for inspection and then quickly whisked away to the kitchen to be prepared two ways.  The first course, delivered minutes later, was the trunk of the clam, served raw, thinly sliced and presented on a bed of ice.  The texture of the raw Geoduck represented the perfect physics of an initial crunch and then slight chewiness.  It tasted like, well, what the the ocean should take like – with a hint of sweetness.  Dipped lightly in soy sauce with fresh grated wasabi root, it was seafood the way seafood was meant to be eaten: fresh (as in alive just a few minutes ago fresh), raw, and simple.  Oh and there was a second course too.  My Geoduck experience could have been complete at that point, but then out comes a plate of freshly deep fried fritters made from the internal parts of the clam.  The perfect counter punch to our first course.   These lightly battered and crunchy globules were filled with steamy and lusciously soft flesh and seasoned simply with salt and pepper.   This was the priciest dish we had our entire trip in Vancouver, but was well worth every Canadian dollar.

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