Sands of the Sahara – Erg Chebbi, Morocco

An Erg is a sand dune made from wind blow sand that collects naturally against another geological barrier- in this case it was the Atlas Mountains of Morocco that acted as the receptical for copious deposits of soft white Saharan sand.   Erg Chebbi isn’t formally part of the Sahara.  Some people call it the pre-Sahara.  But after an 1-hour long camel ride into these dunes that sore up to 450 feet high, it really didn’t matter.  I was in another world.

The dunes are a photographer’s dream:  Azure blue skies, wind carved curves, parabolic shadows, and sand in every direction.  Snow white sand in the morning turn yellow as the sun rises, and then minutes later as the sun breaks the horizon, the sands burst into a vivid orange.

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